Volume 1: New Perspectives in Algebra, Topology and Categories

The first volume entitled "New Perspectives in Algebra, Topology and Categories", edited by Maria Manuel Clementino, Alberto Facchini,  and Marino Gran, is now available.




I - Ring Epimorphisms, Gabriel Topologies and Contramodules by Silvana Bazzoni

II - An Invitation to Topological Semi-abelian Algebras by Maria Manuel Clementino

III - Commutative Monoids, Noncommutative Rings and Modules by Alberto Facchini

IV - An Introduction to Regular Categories by Marino Gran

V - Categorical Commutator Theory by Sandra Mantovani and Andrea Montoli

VI - Notes on Point-Free Topology by Jorge Picado and Aleš Pultr

VII -Non-associative Algebras by Tim Van der Linden

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