The city

Coimbra is located in the center-north of Portugal, 40 kilometers from the coast. You can find some information about the city and the university:
We describe now some of the possible ways to reach the city:

By plane

There is no airport at Coimbra, and hence you must travel to Lisbon or Porto international airports and come to Coimbra by train, bus orcar. The distance from Porto is a bit more than 100 km and from Lisbon is around 200km.

By train

To come to Coimbra from Porto (Campanhã station) or Lisbon (Oriente Station, closer to the airport, or Santa Apolonia Station, in the city center), there are many trains everyday. There are three types: You can check the timetables at the webpage of the Portuguese Railway company, Caminhos de Ferro portugueses

By bus.

It is impossible for us to cover all possible international itineraries, you should check the possibilities yourself. Inside Portugal, there is a bus company which connects most of the cities Rede-Expressos.

By car

Coimbra is connected to Porto and Lisbon by highway (A1) and to many other portuguese cities by national roads (IP) . We just want to remind you that you must pay to use portuguese highways, and that the other roads have just one lane on each sense excepting a few short sections.

Now, here are what we consider are the best options to come to Coimbra by car from Spain: