Departament of Mathematics, University of Coimbra

96-18 Luís Nunes Vicente, On interior-point Newton algorithms for discretized optimal control problems with state constraints.

96-17 C. Gouriéroux e C. Tenreiro, Local power properties of kernel based goodness of fit tests.

96-16 Olga Azenhas, The admissible interval for the invariant factors of a product of matrices..

96-15 Alexander Kovacec, A note on the Bruhat order of Sn, integer matrices, and the lattice R2.

96-14 Jorge Picado, Structured frames by Weil entourages.

96-13 F. Silva Leite, G. Kun e P. Crouch, Generalized De Casteljau algorithm for polynomial curves on Lie groups and symmetric spaces.

96-12 F. Marcellán e J. Petronilho, Orthogonal polynomials and quadratic transformations.

96-11 E. Gonçalves, P. Jacob e N. Mendes Lopes, A consistent test for bilinear time series.

96-10 Cristina Caldeira, Critical pairs of matrices for the degree of the minimal polynomial of the Kronecker sum.

96-09 Esmeralda Goncalves e Nazaré Mendes Lopes, Statistical results on autoregressive heteroscedastic models.

96-08 Isabel Figueiredo e Carlos Leal, Ellipticity of the Koiter and Naghdi models for nonhomogeneous anisotropic shells.

96-07 Maria Manuel Clementino e Walter Tholen, Separated and connected maps.

96-06 Lurdes Sousa, Note on multisolid categories.

96-05 J. M. Nunes da Costa, On the reduction of Poisson-Nijenhuis structures by the Flaschka transformation.

96-04 A.I. Aptekarev, A. Branquinho e F. Marcellán, Toda-type differential equations for the recurrence coefficients of orthogonal polynomials and Freud transformation.

96-03 F.J. Craveiro de Carvalho e S.A. Robertson, A remark on cylindrical curves and induced curves in RP2.

96-02 Maria Manuel Clementino e Walter Tholen, Separation versus Connectedness.

96-01 Carlos Tenreiro, Convergence uniforme presque sûre d'une classe d'M-estimateurs par noyau pour des observations dépendantes.

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