Department of Mathematics, University of Coimbra

97-26 Alexander Kovacec, Semidefiniteness on cones and games on lattices.

97-25 Pierre Jacob e Paulo Eduardo Oliveira, Using non embedded partitions in histogram estimation.

97-24 José Francisco Rodrigues e José Miguel Urbano, On the Mathematical Analysis of a Valley Glacier Model.

97-23 J.A. Ferreira e R.D. Grigorieff, On the supraconvergence of elliptic finite difference schemes.

97-22 Paula de Oliveira, Fernanda Patricio e Joao Santos, Positive solutions with multistep methods for convection-diffusion-reaction equations.

97-21 A.M. d'Azevedo Breda e F.J. Craveiro de Carvalho, Products, covering spaces and group actions for locally Sierpinski spaces.

97-20 E. Gonçalves e N. Mendes-Lopes, Exponential decay of the convergence rate of a non-classical test for an AR model.

97-19 Jirí Adámek e Lurdes Sousa, Constructions of solid hulls.

97-18 Jaime Carvalho e Silva, O Ensino da Matematica na Universidade de Coimbra na segunda metade do sec. XIX.

97-17 Ana Paula Santana, Joao Filipe Queiro e Eduardo Marques de Sá, Group Representations and Matrix Spectral Problems.

97-16 Maria Manuel Clementino, Eraldo Giuli e Walter Tholen, What is a quotient map with respect to a closure operator?

97-15 Carlos Tenreiro, Asymptotic normality of local polynomial estimators of regression function and its derivatives for time series.

97-14 Luis Nunes Vicente, An analysis of Newton's method for equivalent Karush-Kuhn-Tucker systems.

97-13 F.J. Craveiro de Carvalho e S.A. Robertson, The parallel group of a plane curve.

97-12 Joao Filipe Queiró, Matemática e Matemáticos em Portugal.

97-11 Joana Margarida Nunes da Costa, Variétés de Jacobi compatibles. Géometrie et réduction.

97-10 J. A. Ferreira, On moving finite difference methods for partial differential equations on two-dimensional domains.

97-09 C.-M. Marle e J. M. Nunes da Costa, Master symmetries and bi-Hamiltonian structures for the relativistic Toda lattice.

97-08 C. R. Johnson e Antonio Leal Duarte, The maximum multiplicity of an eigenvalue in a matrix whose graph is a tree.

97-07 Antonio Leal Duarte, Jaime Carvalho e Silva, Joao Filipe Queiro, Some notes on the History of Mathematics in Portugal.

97-06 J. A. Ferreira, The negative norms on the supraconvergence of FDM's for two-dimensional domains.

97-05 E. Goncalves e N. Mendes Lopes, A consistent test for a vectorial AR(1) model with a non-independent error process.

97-04 C. M. Martins, On the autocorrelation structure of a bilinear model with non-independent shocks.

97-03 C. M. Martins, A note on the third-order moment structure of a bilinear model with non-independent shocks.

97-02 F. Silva Leite e P. Saraiva, A remarkable example of simple r-Lie algebras.

97-01 Jorge Picado, Efremovic's Theorem in pointfree context.

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