Instructions for Authors for typesetting manuscripts 
for Pré-Publicações DMUC

General information

  • The LaTeX or TeX file should use the style file prepdmuc.cls (Version 6/10/2009).
  • You should ask the editor for the number yy-nn to be attributed to your preprint, that you need to include in the preamble of the LaTeX file
    (with the instruction \infonum{yy}{nn}).
  • Include also in the preamble the date of submission to the editor
    (with the instruction \date{Month dd, year}).
  • You may find here an example with all instructions, in different formats:
    latex code | dvi | pdf
After the preparation of LaTex file with prepdmuc.cls, you should send the ps or pdf file to the editor:

Instructions for using Prepdmuc document class

System requirements
For using the Prepdmuc document class of Pré-Publicações DMUC for typesetting manuscripts Authors need

  • an arbitrary TeX distribution has to be installed on their computers including
    • LaTeX 2e
  • the prepdmuc.cls file in the current or in a standard TeX input directory

How to typeset articles using prepdmuc.cls
You can use the standard commands and environments of LaTeX 2e and of the amsart document class.

Here you can find some help for using the Prepdmuc document class.

1. Document class
The Prepdmuc document class can be loaded with the standard \documentclass command:

In the preamble you should not use any \pagestyle instruction and any length instructions (\voffset, \hoffset, \baselinestretch etc.).

2. Authors and Title information
In this list, data typeset in bold has to be given in the article. The others are optional.

Authors information

  • Name, adress and acknowledgments
    • \autor[Aut. 1]{Author 1}{Department of Mathematics, University 1 of Sampleville, 1 Euler Avenue, Sampleville, UTOPIA}{}
  • E-mail address (if any) of Author1:
  • Web address (if any) of Author1 e.g.
\url{http://www.math1.unisamp.ut/\textasciitilde author1}
if it contains the ~ character
Second, third, fourth authors' data can be given by the same commands. For example
\autor[Aut. 2]{Author 2}{Department of Mathematics, University 2 of Sampleville, 2 Gau\ss Avenue, U-314159 Sampleville, UTOPIA}{Thanks of author 2 to someone.} \email{}
\autor[Aut. 3]{Author 3}{}{} \email{} \url{$\sim$author3}
Title section
  • Title

  • Between square brackets, as the first optional parameter of \title command, Authors can give a short title that will be appeared in the headlines. Between braces the title of the article has to be given.
    \title[Running title]{Actual title}
  • Keywords and expressions
  • AMS Subject Classification Code(s)
  • \subjclass{...}
    (for the 2010 Classification) or
    (for the 2000 Classification)
  • Dedication
\dedicatory{This paper is dedicated to ourselves}
  • Abstract
  • \begin{abstract}
    The aim of this sample article is to describe how to use the \textsf{Prepdmuc} document class for writing papers for Pré-Publicações DMUC.
  • Date of submission

  • For example:
\date{August 1, 2005}
  • Number of preprint

  • The instruction \infonum{year}{number} prints the preprint number in the title section. For example:
The authors should ask the editor for this number.

After giving the previous data the

command writes them out on the paper.

Authors can dowload the prepdmuc.cls document class
Authors can use it with the standard commands and environments of
  • the standard LaTeX 2e and
  • the standard amsmath package
TeX distributions and macro packages can be downloaded from any of the CTAN servers, e.g.
DANTE -- Germany
TeX on-line catalogue -- United Kingdom
or from the home pages of the various TeX distributions. For finding the appropriate TeX distribution you can go e.g. to

Authors can use the documentations of the standard LaTeX 2e, the standard article document class and that of the amsmath package, because the Prepdmuc document class uses the same commands and environments.

These documentations can be found in the docs directory of the TeX distributions and on any of the CTAN servers, e.g.

Authors Packages for Publishing with the AMS -- Documentation
DANTE -- Germany
TeX on-line catalogue -- United Kingdom


The figures must be included in the ps file of the manuscript. Features of figures

  • File format:             EPS, PNG, JPG, GIF


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