SÉRIE B - N. 19




The work of Graciano de Oliveira

J. A. Perdigão Dias da Silva  1


Some formulae for GL(n,q)

James A. Green  5


Symmetric groups and related algebras

Gordon James  13


Realizing matrices in the nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problem

Thomas J. Laffey  21


Groups generated by their elements of a fixed finite order

Matjaz Omladi c  33


Invariant subspaces and matrix completion problems

Ion Zaballa  43


Zn-quasi algebras

Helena Albuquerque and Shahn Majid  57


Irreducible characters of finite algebra groups

Carlos A. M. André  65


Littlewood-Richardson fillings and their symmetries

Olga Azenhas  81


PSD matrices in statistical mechanics

Natália Bebiano  93


On extremal c-convertible subspaces

M. Purificação Coelho and M. Antónia Duffner  101


A note on the unification of min-max and interlacing theorems

Laura Iglésias and Fernando C. Silva  105


The role of representation theory in the Oliveira-Marcus conjecture

Alexander Kovacec  111


Galois representations and Hilbert's Theorem 90

António Machiavelo  119


On the additive version of the rigidity problem for linear representations of a free group

Orlando Neto and Fernando C. Silva  125