Network access from remote locations

The Computation Centre provides access to the Department of Mathematics local network from remote locations.

The users can remotely access resources with restricted access, available only on the Department of Mathematics local network. Namely: file shares, bibliographic databases, etc…

Currently, there are two ways of access:

Remote access via VPN
Remote access via phone

Additionally the Center of Informatics of the University of Coimbra provides the WebVPN service, for outer locations access, that can be used by the Computation Centre users.

Remote access via VPN

The remote access service via VPN allows users the ability to connect remotely into the Computation Centre local network, using a secure connection (encrypted) from anywhere on the Internet.

To use this service, users must have an Internet connection and a PPTP client software. Currently, most operating systems already have an integrated PPTP client (see table).


For Windows XP, Vista and 7, it is possible to configure the PPTP client in an automated way. For that, you must download and execute one of the following files: vpn_config.exe (32 bits) | vpn_configx64.exe (64 bits).

After the automatic configuration, to use remote access via VPN, users need to do the following steps:

Start -> Connect To -> VPN DMUC

The authentication credentials are only login and password without any indication of domain.

Note: Remote access via VPN should be turned off whenever it is not necessary.


For other operating systems, setting up the PPTP client is done manually using the following configuration settings:

authentication method: MS-CHAP v2
encryption: Microsoft Point-To-Point Encryption (MPPE), 128-bit encryption key (preferred)
TCP/IP: obtain parameters from server, use remote default gateway
Operating systems with integrated PPTP client
  Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and Vista
  Several distributions of Linux (see PPTP Client for Linux)
  Mac OS X 10.2 and later

Remote access via phone

The remote access via phone allows access to the Computation Centre local network through an analog phone connection.


To be able to use this service, users need the following items:

1. analog telephone line (conventional phone)
2. analog modem (a modem that supports at least 33.6 kbit/s is recommended)
3. operating system with support for PPP (common in current operating systems)

For more information about this service configuration, contact the Computation Centre.

Note: Due to the increasingly less frequent use of this service, only 2 users can use it simultaneously.

WebVPN service provided by Center of Informatics of the University of Coimbra

It is a VPN service through a WWW portal that provides access to bibliographic databases subscribed for the entire UC, from outside the UC local networks.

To use this service, users must go to

and perform the validation using (replacing LOGIN by Computation Centre username) and password.

Note: This service does not allow access to bibliographic databases subscribed by the Department of Mathematics only.