Public encryption keys service of DMUC

The Computation Centre provides a public encryption key server accessible only within the Department of Mathematics local network. The use of these keys permits to send encrypted email between Computation Centre users.

This server only has public keys of Computation Centre users.

The easiest way of obtaining and submitting keys on the server, as well as sending and receiving encrypted email, is using OpenPGP compliant software associated with your email reader.

For Mozilla Thunderbird you can use the Enigmail add-on with the GnuPG software. Another example of OpenPGP compliant software is Gpg4win that allows integration with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007.

Generally, the only required configuration in this type of software is the key server to use, which is: (port 11371)

To search for a public key in the key server without using OpenPGP compliant software, you can use the following tool:

      Name or email address: