Computation Centre usage rules

  1. The account name and work area assigned to a Computation Centre user are strictly personal. No one but the owner can use them, even with his consent.
  2. Under no circumstances can users use the Computation Centre resources for purposes other than those prescribed. In particular, is expressly prohibited its use for commercial purposes and for improper access to other computer systems.
  3. Only with proper authorization systems reconfigurations can be made.
  4. Only with proper authorization may be developed or saved, on Computation Centre computers, software that, when implemented, will affect other users. Namely programs like computer viruses, even if never executed.
  5. Only with proper authorization copies of software or information subject to copyright can be made.
  6. All the user should refrain from harm or harass other users (local or remote), including:
    • interfere with files or processes from other users;
    • show or send messages or images that could be considered offensive or shocking;
    • abusive use of the e-mail system;
    • occupy the systems for recreational purposes;
    • abusive use of available resources (such as excessive disk space usage).


  1. Violations of the above rules are subject to the following penalties:
    • temporary suspension of systems access;
    • interdiction of systems access, with the extinguishment of the user account;
    • disciplinary proceedings

    These sanctions will be applied depending on the seriousness of the offense committed.

  2. The practice of computer crimes is punished in accordance with law nº 109/91 of August 17.