Wireless network eduroam

The management and maintenance of the wireless network of the University of Coimbra are of the Computation Centre of University of Coimbra responsibility.

The UC wireless network is a member of Eduroam and can be used by those who have an e-mail account in any UC institution or any other member of Eduroam.

The UC wireless network can be accessed through two SSIDs:


    Only used in exception situations.

    Only the authentication credentials are encrypted and the remaining traffic is transmitted without protection. Only allows HTPP / HTTPS and SSH protocols and is limited to a maximum of 100 simultaneous users.

    To use it, with the wireless network adapter active, just open a WWW page with any browser and you will be automatically redirected to a authentication portal.


    All network traffic between the user equipment and the network access point is encrypted, being this SSID the best to use due to the degree of security provided by encryption.

    The requirements to use the eduroam SSID are:

    • Authentication credentials (username and password) in an institution belonging to Eduroam;
    • IEEE 802.11b/g certified wireless network adapter;
    • Client software with WPA2 support.

    The configuration settings of client software are:

    • SSID eduroam
    • Encryption type WPA2
    • Encryption key AES
    • Authentication method 802.1x
    • Authentication type EAP-TTLS with PAP, without server certificate verification

    Note: In most operating systems it is necessary to install additional software to use EAP-TTLS authentication. For Windows based operating systems you can freely download this software at http://www.securew2.com/