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  October 26-28, 2007


How to get to Coimbra

There is no airport in Coimbra, so you must fly to Lisbon or Porto international airports and reach Coimbra by train, coach or car.

The distance between Coimbra and Porto is around 100 km and between Coimbra and Lisbon is around 200 km.

There are several daily trains connecting Coimbra and Porto (the railway station is Campanhã) and Lisbon (Gare do Oriente, closer to the airport, and Santa Apolónia, in the city centre). There are two types of fast trains:

In both cases, you arrive at Coimbra B. From here you can take a taxi (about 5€), or take the connecting train to Coimbra A (downtown).

From Lisbon Airport to the railway station Gare do Oriente (or Estação Oriente) you can take a taxi (between 5€ and 8€) or use the public transportation (bus no. 44). You can find information about schedules at Carris web site. The Carris AeroBus no. 91 runs to the center of the city.

From Porto Airport to the railway station Campanhã you can take the subway, Line Violeta (about 33 min.). The taxi is expensive since the airport is far from the railway station.

There are also daily coaches connecting the three cities (Lisboa-Coimbra-Porto). The coach stations are not located in the airports so you must take a taxi or use the public transportation system to reach them. To find information about schedules please look at the Rede-expressos web site (in portuguese).

The A1 motorway connecting Lisbon and Porto runs via Coimbra.