Direct MultiSearch (DMS)

A solver for derivative-free multiobjective optimization

DMS is a solver for multiobjective optimization problems which does not use any derivatives of the objective functions. It is based on a novel technique called direct multisearch, developed by extending direct search from single to multiobjective optimization. The current version can deal with any type of constraints (all it is required from the user is a function indicating weather a point is feasible or not). DMS is freely available for research, educational or commercial use, under a GNU lesser general public license.

References and complementary material:

The DMS team:
Ana Luísa Custódio (New University of Lisbon)
José F. Aguilar Madeira (ISEL and IDMEC-IST, Lisbon)
A. Ismael F. Vaz (University of Minho)
Luís Nunes Vicente (University of Coimbra)