Date & Time Window



    This window it's, without any doubt, one of the most importants in the entire program, since that all the calculation are based in the date and time choosen here.


    The user have the possibility of, beside choose the date and time, to know the Julian Day the Apparent Mean Sideral Time in Greenwich and the Dynamical Time with a simple movement of the mouse pointer. The user only have to move his pointer of the mouse over the three boxs (Julian Day,...) and the correponding values will appear.



    To choose the date you can go by two ways. In the first case you must place the pointer over the day, month and year and press the keys from the keypad untill get the desire value.

    The other method will be to press the arrow near the date box. After pressing it a monthly calendar should appear and you can navigate using the arrows and .



    To choose the time, you only have to press the arrows and near the hours, minutes and seconds boxs..