Error Messages



    In this section you can see the possible errors that can happen in EfeCalc and the soluctions.



    This message it's because the directories are invalids, maybe they was changed or bad instaled.


 Solution: Reinstall the Application!




    This error will occur if the stars database was removed or changed by anyone or anything.

Solution: To solve this problem, you must reinstall the application and removed any files lefting (in the installation folder) after the unnistall and before the new installation.



    This message appears in the Sun window and it's because some image files were not instaled or have suffer any change

Solution: Reinstall the Application!



    This message is NOT an error but a Warning. This messages will appear in the Save Results window and only with try to overwrite an existing file (a file with the same name, and the same type of the one that you are choosing).



    This message is NOT an error, it's only a confirmation for leaving the application!