Stars Window



    EfeCalc ships with a big star database. Here, the user can obtain information about all the stars and determinate where the star will be in a desired moment. So, when you choose a star from the list, the fiels Parallax, Distance and Proper Motion are updated. This values are independent from the time factor and are expressed in the usually units.


    Important Note: When a parallax of a star is almost zero, the program will write inf.” in the distance field, this is the abreviature for infinit. In other words, the program tells to the user that the star is at an infinit distance, wich it's not true, but the star are very far away and it's not possible to express that distance.


    Beside these values, the astronomers in general need to know the place of the star at the desired moment, so to help them to observe the sky the star coordinates can be found to the left. First appear the corresponding coordinates in the FK5 katalog, then the mean coordinates and finally the apparent position.