Location Window



    In this window, the user should choose the desired location for the results. Because of that, this is the one of the most importants windows.


    The program have a Cities Database with many arguments for each one. For each city, the database have the corresponding country, the latitude and longitude, the local hour and also the elevation. However, not all the cities are included (more or less 500 cities), so the user have the possibility to insert a new location.


    Since this a program made in Portugal, and the most of the users are portuguese, there's a option to choose only from the portuguese cities from the database. EfeCalc have then three different types of choice:


Choose City from the Database;

Choose Portuguese City, from database;

Insert New Location.


    In the first and second options, the user only have to choose the city and all the other fields will be automatically updated. In the last one, the user must insert the values for each field.