Moon Window



    There are four big groups in this window:


    • Apparent Movement:


    This group is present in the Moon, the Sun and the Planets Window. Here you should be ilucidated of the apparent movement of the astro. There are three boxs regarding each one to the rising, culmination and setting of the astro. These times are refered to the observation location also as the hour (the local hour can be defined in the Location window), but they are not affected by the summer time.


    In the case that the astro don't rise or set and culmine, he program fill the fields with '---'.


    • Coordinates:


    This group is also similar for the Moon, the Sun and the Planets. Here are the different types of coordinates (equatorials, ecliptics and horizontals) in that especific moment.


    This coordinates, also as the other results are refreshed always that the user change the date, the time or the location.


    • Miscellaneous:


    Here are some results as Diameter (and semidiameter), Distance to the Earth (in astronomical units and kilometers), the Horizontal Parallax, the Illuminated Fraction and the Moon's Age.


    • Moon Phases:


    This group gives the date and time for the all phases of the moon on the desired month and also her Apogee and Perigee. For a simplest reading, the images with the different phases (and the respectives text boxs) are organized, for another words, the one of the top it's the first event in the month,...