These Help Files are part of the website - "Astronomical Ephemeris Calculation".


    Since 1803, the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Coimbra publish, in paper, the "Astronomical Ephemeris" . The main objective of this site is the modernization of this process, in other words, the creation of a website that gives the user the possibility to perform those calculations on-line and in real time at any and for any place in the globe.


    So, some requisites is the "easy-to-use" (making the site available for anyone) as also effective and rigorous. Since that the expected audience will be not only professional astronomers but also amateurs astronomers and the common civilian, the results that we include here are from very different kinds, since the rigorous positions of the stars to the maps of the eclipses.

    For all the people that are beginning they experience in astronomy, or even to the amateur astronomer that want to know how the things happen, we have included all the theory behind the calculations.