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Network Programming Courses:

  1. Advanced Topics in Network Flows - IEOR 6606 Spring 1997
    (Lisa Fleischer's Course. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research - Columbia University)
  2. Algorithms 300 - Semester 1, 1996
    (Gordon Royle's Course. Department of Computer Science - University of Western Australia)
  3. Algorithms and Networks - Lent Term 1996
    (Richard Gibbens' Course. Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics - University of Cambridge)
  4. Applied Optimization (Tillämpad Optimering)
    (Saied Ghannadan's Course. Division of Optimization, Department of Mathematics, Linköping Institute of Technology - Sweeden)
  5. Computer Networks II - Spring 1997
    (Cem Ersoy's Course. Department of Computer Engineering, Computer Networks Research Lab - Bogazici University, Turkey)
  6. Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Winter 1996
    (David Eppstein's Course. Department of Information and Computer Science, - University of California, Irvin)
  7. Graphs and Networks
    (Tom Cavalier's Course. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, USA)
  8. Graphes et Réseaux (in french)
    (Antoine Gautier's Course. Départment Opérations et Systémes de Décision - Faculté des Sciences de l'Administration, Université Laval, Québec)
  9. Network Algorithms and Data Structures - Spring 1997
    Douglas R. Shier and James P. Jarvis' Course. Department of Mathematical Sciences - Clemson University)
  10. Networks and Dynamic Programming
    (David Smith's Course. Department of Mathematical Statistics and Operational Research - University of Exeter)
  11. Network Flows - Spring 1996
    (Michael Ferris' Course. Mathematical Programming Faculty - University of Wisconsin)
  12. Network Flows
    (R. Chandrasekaran's Course. School of Management - The University of Texas at Dallas)
  13. Network Flows
    (Harvey Greenberg's Course. The Department of Mathematics and The Center for Computational Mathematics - University of Colorado at Denver)
  14. Network Flows and Graph Algorithms
    (Dorit S. Hochbaum's Course. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research - University of California at Berkeley)
  15. Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 96 (in German)
    (Theoretical Computer Science Course - University of Paderborn, Germany)

I am also collecting some
questions from old examinations
of my
Network Programming course.

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