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Optimal Path Problems:

This is an attempt to colaborate in the WORMS Virtual Encyclopledia

Under a general title
Optimal Path Problems
some (more or less) related problems are described.

Some Optimal Path Problems:
Maximum Capacity Path Problem
Fractional Path Problems
Minimum Cost-Time Ratio Path Problem
Minimum Cost-Capacity Ratio Path Problem
Minimum Cost-Reliability Ratio Path Problem
Quickest Path Problem
Shortest Path Problems
Shortest Path Problem
K-th Shortest Path problem
Multiobjective Shortest Path Problem
Constrained Shortest Path Problem

The paper
The Optimal Path Problem
in now on line.
You can see too

Some questions from old examinations
Some Shortest Path Problem Web Pages

The idea is to keep notation and basic definitions throughout the entries.

Of course we hope to get a lot of help from everybody...




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