Mathematics Awareness Week 1997

"Mathematics and the Internet"

From: "JPBM Mathematics Awareness Week" 
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 07:56:51 -0400
Subject: MAW 1997

July 10, 1996

TO:    The Mathematics Community

FROM:  Richard Herman, Chair, Joint Policy Board for Mathematics
        Mike Harris, Kathleen Holmay, Public Information Office

RE:    Mathematics Awareness Week 1997 Theme & Dates

To assist in your planning, be advised that Mathematics Awareness
Week 1997 will be celebrated April 20-26, 1997. 

The Joint Policy Board for Mathematics has selected Mathematics and
the Internet as the 1997 MAW theme.  We expect this theme will be
of wide national interest and could include such subjects as
computer security and encryption, data mining, network analysis,
information theory, and the availability of mathematical
information on the world wide web and other technologies.

We would like to have your reactions to these topics and
suggestions for others.  And, let us know about examples that could
have appeal to the general public, as well as visuals that might be
appropriate for the theme poster and the Mathematics Awareness Week
web pages.

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