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Infinity Online

Infinity A Publication of the Department of Mathematics University of Queensland, Australia

Muse Magazine Online

Muse Muse is a bi-monthly magazine that opens the door to knowledge for kids ages 8 to 14. Our mission is to challenge kids to think about the world around them and their place in it. Muse gives kids the beginnings of a lifelong love of learning. Muse is from the publishers of Cricket Magazine and Smithsonian Magazine.

Communications in Visual Mathematics

Communications in Visual Mathematics Investigate the prototype for the first completely electronic mathematics journal. Communications in Visual Mathematics is supported by a the National Science Foundation, and will be published by the M.A.A.(Mathematical Association of America).

Harvard Undergraduate Math Club Newsletters

Harvard Undergraduate Math Club Newsletters


Quark es una publicación periódica trimestral editada por el Observatorio de la Comunicación Científica (OCC) de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra con el patrocinio de CITRAN.
Producción Editorial, Distribución y Publicidad: Rubes Editorial, S.L. Sicília 236 Bis, 2-2 08013 Barcelona Tel: 34-3-2311200 Fax: 34-3-2311201 e-mail:

Ciencia, Medicina, Comunicación y Cultura
La principal aspiración de Quark es promover y difundir el debate cultural sobre las relaciones entre las ciencias y la sociedad.

The Furman University Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics

Editor in Chief: Mark Woodard
email: woodard_mark/

  • Journal de maths des élèves de l'École normale supérieure de Lyon

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  • Journal of Statistics Education
  • TI Graphing Calculator Magazine The TI Graphing Calculator Magazine is your complete guide to programs and programming on the TI-82/83, TI-85, and TI-92 graphing calculators. The TI-GCM is a monthly publication distributed via e-mail. It features reviews of the latest programs available for TI calculators, including ZShell. We also publish articles dedicated to math application as well as programming, and even a Q&A column. Subscriptions are free.
  • Harvard-Radcliffe Mathematics Bulletin

    Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal

    PoMEnews9 renamed the Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal No. 9 is
    now available free of charge but only in electronic form at the following
    Internet URL:
    It is the largest issue ever produced containing a number of full length articles
    Editorial: teaching and the nature of mathematics, Dennis Almeida and Paul
    Mathematics: a peek into the mind of God?, Roseanne Benn and Rob Burton
    Rationales, purposes and metaconcepts in mathematical activity, Simon
    Teachers' knowledge: the starting point for a critical analysis of maths
        teaching, Jim Neyland
    The significance of history and non-absolutist philosophies, Franceso Speranza
    Absolutism or not absolutism - what difference does it make?, John Threlfal
    The nature of mathematics and teaching, Paul Ernest
    Justifying and proving in the mathematics classroom, Dennis Almeida
    How mathematicians (ought not to?) Work, Allan Muir
    Review of Ole Skovsmose, Towards a Philosophy of Critical Mathematics
    Education, Paul Ernest

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    Arquivos de Revistas de Matemática

  • Hyperjournal Hyperjournal is a discussion list devoted exclusively to electronic journals, especially those which publish on the World Wide Web. It is concerned with all aspects of the production and publication of electronic journals, particularly those managed by academics themselves.

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