About the Historia-Matematica mailing list [HM]

1.0 Description of HM

   1.1  Purpose and standards
        The purpose of this list is to provide a virtual forum for
        *scholarly* discussion of the HISTORY OF MATHEMATICS (in a
        broad sense), amongst professionals and non-professionals
        with a *serious* interest in the field.

        Postings are to be highly *relevant* to the purpose of the
        list. All traditional and scholarly aspects of the history
        may be discussed, and in addition such topics as:

              - History of _history of mathematics_
              - Current trends in the history of mathematics
              - History of _mathematics outside Europe_
              - Ethnomathematics
              - Pedagogical issues
              - Origin of mathematical terms/symbols
              - Biographies and obituaries
              - Bibliographical references (databases)
              - Announcements and reviews of new books, articles,
                preprints, websites, ...
              - Advertisements of conferences, meetings, jobs, ...

        Contributors should strive to submit posts containing 
        interesting, worthwhile or new information about substantive
        topics on the history of mathematics, in a conscious effort
        to keep the signal-to-noise ratio as high as possible.

        Pertinent comments, queries, replies... should be written
        with the same standards of *thoughtfulness* and care that
        apply to other *scholarly* activities; not necessarily at
        the level of writing a book or an article for a journal,
        but at least at the level of the informal printed material
        (e.g. photocopies) used in courses.          

   1.2  Languages

        ENGLISH, Portuguese and Spanish are the official languages
        of the list.

        Postings in other languages (e.g. French, German, Italian,
        ...) are also welcome.  But, in this case, whenever a long
        posting is sent out, an abstract in English (say) would be
        highly appreciated.

        Although we do not think we should encourage too many lan-
        guages on the forum  (since many listmembers might just be
        monoglots), the list is to be *open* to those contributors
        who wish to communicate in their mother tongue, and do not
        feel confident enough in other languages.

        If you are *not* familiar with the language of a post, but
        you  suspect that the  topic  discussed is,  for instance,
        relevant to your own field of study (some key-words in the
        email may suggest that),  a solution somehow will be found
        -- at least, I hope so.

        If you are not sufficiently interested in that thread, you
        may simply hit the 'delete' key.  This list is intended to
        provide a vehicle of communication for people of different
        nationalities, and it is not reasonable - in our opinion -
        to ask *everyone* to write in a specific language in order
        to communicate.

   1.3  Configuration 

        This is a CLOSED forum; that is to say, subscriptions must
        be approved by the list owner. Those who subscribe to this
        list are *encouraged* to identify themselves by full name,
        profession, institutional affiliation (eg. university, and
        research interest if appropriate.  This information should
        be sent to


   1.4  Netiquette

        'Ego trips' will mean trips outside the list.

        Whereas freedom of speech is wonderful,  and discussion of
        controversial matters on the  history of mathematics is to
        be expected (and welcome!), personal invective cannot take
        place on this forum.

        From the beginning, it must be said very emphatically that
        *abuse or misuse* of the list, in one way or another, will
        cause cancellation of the subscription by the list owner.

2.0 How to sign on/off 2.1 Subscribing You can join the HISTORIA MATEMATICA mailing list by sending your subscription ( which has to be approved ) to majordomo@chasque.apc.org with the following command in the body of your message: subscribe historia-matematica You can also request your subscription to HM ( which again has to be approved ) by sending mail to historia-matematica-request@chasque.apc.org> with the following command in the body of your message: subscribe 2.2 Unsubscribing If you ever want to *remove* yourself from the HM discussion list, you can send mail to majordomo@chasque.apc.org with the following command in the body of your message: unsubscribe historia-matematica If you ever need to get in contact with the list owner (for example if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have queries about the list itself), send email to owner-historia-matematica@chasque.apc.org

3.0 How to post a message 3.1 Address To submit a posting to the HISTORIA MATEMATICA mailing list send an email to historia-matematica@chasque.apc.org Please mind that 'historia' and 'matematica' are the words in Spanish for 'history' and 'mathematics'; if you mistype the list-address your postings will never reach the forum! 3.2 Subject line The subject line should be descriptive, and short. If over the course of a discussion, the subject evolves considera- bly, please, change the subject line accordingly. 3.3 Body of message It is usually unnecessary to quote the full text of a pre- vious message. Never the less, please, quote the relevant segments alluded so that the context is established. The omission of accents is recommended. If you think that a concrete reference requires diacritical accents, a code would be advisable. For instance, place diacritical signs right after the corresponding letter: / acute accent [matema/tica = mathematics Carathe/odory] \ grave accent [alge\bre = algebra Maizie\re] , cedilla [lec,on Franc,ais] ~ tilde [an~o = year Garc,a~o Stockler] " umlaut [Ko"rper = field Plu"cker] ^ circumflex [polyno^me L'Ho^pital] PLEASE, configure your mailer so that the messages are NOT submitted in enriched text (e.g. 'html' output). Before sending email, contributors should *ask* themselves the following crucial question: "Is my posting relevant to the *purpose* of this forum?" If you are not quite sure whether your post is appropriate to this forum, please drop the list owner a private email. Julio Gonzalez Cabillon List Owner P.S.: Suggestions, comments, and feedback about this virtual forum will be most welcome. Many thanks!

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