F3A World Championship 97, an article in portuguese with lots of photos, by Fernando and Bruno Heleno.

Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook (demo), Desktop Aeronautics, Inc.

Articles by Max Feil (mkfeil@bcrki9.bnr.ca)

  1. Aeronautics File by Max Feil
    1. Explanation of Lift (41Kb).
    2. Center of Gravity & Pitch Stability (70Kb).
    3. The Explanation of Dihedral (53Kb).
    4. The Downwind Turn (34Kb).
  2. Radio Interference Problems for R/C Flyers (49Kb).
  3. Radio Interference Problems for R/C Flyers (In html format, 21Kb)

Radio Ccomponents & Interference by Paul Denny (12Kb).

Adjust an R/C Motor by Fletcher Glenn (24Kb).

Trimming Chart by Mike Walpole

  1. trimming.txt (10k)
  2. trimming.ps.gz (13k)

How to make decals/front-panels/labels (18K)

A Modelling Course in 10 parts by Bill Zuk (41k)

Introduction articles prepared by East Coast Model Center, Inc. - Canada.

  1. Introduction to R/C Aircraft, (mirror copy).
  2. Introduction to R/C Gliders, (mirror copy).
  3. Introduction to R/C Helicopters, (mirror copy).
  4. Introduction to Radio Control Systems, (mirror copy).
  5. Introduction to Model Engines, (mirror copy).
  6. Outfitting a Field Box for Model Aircraft, (mirror copy).

Technical articles prepared (or gathered) by East Coast Model Center, Inc. - Canada.

  1. Maintaining your Batteries (copy, April 1997, 9k).
  2. Interesting Facts about Balsa Wood (copy, May 1995, 15Kb+3Kb).
  3. Some Answers about Fuel (copy, May 1996, 15Kb+3Kb).
  4. Glow Plug Problems.

Technical articles, (Construction Guide), gathered by Howard Sullivan.

  1. Mousse Can Muffler.
  2. Foam Wing Construction.
  3. TailWheel Construction, (local copy).
  4. "Tinker Toy" Balance Jig.
  5. Flight Simulator Controller.
  6. Wing Assembly Jig, (local copy).
  7. Fuselage Assembly Jig, (local copy).
  8. Transmitter Tray