Modelers Data base

Some time ago Iskandar Taib sent this message , to "rec.models.rc". In it he proposed that each one of us post a short introduction message. Sort of on the lines of:
Physical Location:
What you fly/float/roll:
Magazines you read:
After that Leon H. Raesly had put all the message sent to rec.models.rc in one (sorted) text file. I have puted this file in my www homepage (390 accesses so far). But this file soon became outdated. So let's give to this (very good) idea a second blow. This is a database that you can query for information and extend with more information
Query the DataBase

Add new information - Introduce Yourself

Accounting - modelers/country.

Did you already look at the Clubs database?

  1. The information is kept in edb (Emacs DataBase) internal layout in an Unix machine.
  2. From time to time I will do some "garbage collection" and sorting (Country/Name/Physical Location). You cannot assume that the database is always sorted and without garbage.
  3. If you want to update some data you must introduce the new information. I will erase duplicates in the "garbage collection" process.
  4. The information should be written in English ("noblesse oblige").
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