Fieseler Storch, Fi-156

In 1935 the RLM called for a light STOL aircraft. Fieseler won the contest with the Fi156 against Focke Wulf, Siebel and Messerschmitt.

Fi156 were build and in use in many countries up to the 50ies. Even today it's destinctive silhouette can be seen on major airshows.

Sizes and Weights
Total Length 9.900 m
Greatest height 3.050 m
Wingspan 14.250 m
Wing area 26.000 m2
Max take off weight 1320.0 kg
Weight empty 860.0 kg
Max. weight carried 380.0 kg
Wing load 51.00 kg/m2
Performance data
Max. speed 175 km/h
Initial climb rate 8.00 m/s
Service ceiling 5300 m
Range 600 km
Endurance 5 h
Kind KVau
Type Argus 10 E/1
Power rating (max.) 177 ps (175 hp)
Number of Engines 1
Crew 1+2

Pedro Quaresma de Almeida, Coimbra - Portugal, June 11, 2006