Iskandar's Model Airplane Picture Archive

I do not include here all the pictures that are in the original archive.

Ama Open House and Museum Grand Opening at Muncie (June, 1994)
Sig Fazer - Left side, 3/4 view (248k)
Hot delta-winged model Piped .45 on front end (272k)
AMA Museum grand opening
Dynajet in display case (300k)
CatoJet hanging from rafters in hobby shop (153k)
1940's model shop display in museum (575k)
AMA Nationals
Simultaneous launch of two FAI combat wings (160k)
Bob Hunt's C/L Aerobatic airplane, Saturn (360k)
Paul Wlaker's Impact (254k)
Windy Urtnowski's Tsunami (236k)
Pat and Mike Wilcox preparing a pair of Russian design combat wings for FAI (323k)
Goran Olsson's Pictures [August, 1994]
Goran Olsoon's racing fleet (384k)
Drawing of team race motor (16k)
Control-Line FAI F2C Team Racer 1994 (14k)
Goodyear Racer (31k)
Corsair (181k)