Photos by Rui Pedro Mendes Salgueiro

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Note: the scanner I used produces very dark shadows and so loses detail. The original pictures are less contrasty. All scans done at 150 DPI from 10x15 (cm) prints. Converted to JPEG by xv with quality 75.

Voodoo Dolls Thumbnail concert Thumbnail

The Voodoo Dolls are an all-girls band from Coimbra. These photos were taken at their second concert. Since this concert the line-up has changed. Ana left the band and was replaced by another girl who plays keyboards (sorry, I don't know her name). Centro Popular dos Trabalhadores, Celas, Coimbra, Portugal 8/4/95

Ektapress 1600 pushed to 6400. 50mm f/1.4

photos from another Voodoo Dolls concert

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