1. Ethernet FAQ
  2. "Measured Capacity of an Ethernet: Myths and Reality", David R. Boggs, Jeffrey C. Mogul and Christopher A. Kent Local Copy. Please don't use from outside of Portugal
  3. "Modelling the Backoff Algorithm in CSMA/CD Networks", Zeljko Zilic and Mart Molle
  4. "A New Binary Logarithmic Arbitration Method for Ethernet", Mart L. Molle
  5. Fast Ethernet
  6. ??? Ethernet
3Com Buyer's Guide: Hubs
Ethernet Tutorial
Lantronix Product Information
Welcome to Cabletron
Fast Ethernet 100-Mbps Solutions
Dan Kegel's Fast Ethernet Page
Express 100BASE-T Stackable Hub
SMC: 100BASE-T Fast Ethernet
Ethernet -- Access to Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Information
Description Page: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists related to Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet Alliance

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