The various versions of the Zeltweg circuit (now called A-1 Ring).
Images were taken from Forix.

1976 map
1976 version - Perimeter 5909 m

1977 map
1977 version - Perimeter 5942 m (a chicane was added)

1997 map
1997 version - Perimeter 4319 m (all the fast curves were removed)

One thing I did not notice at first is that the start/finish straight and the straight between the Remus Kurve and Gosser Kurve were both shortened. This is what explains the huge reduction in perimeter (from more than 5.9 km to 4.3 km). Some shortening also happened at the old Boschkurve (now Gosser Kurve) and the Jochen-Rindt Kurve.

The following 3 paragraphs are from Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff:

The original OestereichRing start/finish straight, just after the pit exit, used to continue in a straight line up a steep hill, then turned gradually right after the crest. Isn't that where Donohue crashed? A chicane was added after that at the top of the hill before the right-hand bend. The much-shortened start/finish straight of the new A1-Ring now turns sharply to the right at the base of the hill.

Also both of the original high speed curves that used to drop steeply away to the right, have now been completely re-profiled. To restrict the huge sustained speeds of the original sweeping curves, both of the new curves are now squared off.

It will surely be much "safer" in this configuration, but it's a shame that such a beautiful track had to be neutered like this. I wonder if they've also improved the sight-lines at all over the blind hill where Stefan Johannson obliterated that deer?

1997 tyrrel simulation
Tyrrel simulation

At 13 August 1996, Sauber-Ford tested in the A1-ring. Times were, Johnny Herbert: 1:17,5 ; Alexander Wurz 1:20,5.

Opinions on the circuit: before and after the first practice session.

Some infos about the track, how to buy tickets, etc...

Ticket Hotline +43/3512/709
Fax +43/3512/73 2 05

The track is located near Zeltweg. The closest major city is Graz.

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