So you want to drive a F1

There are other options to drive a F1 apart from having a good career in F3 or F3000 and getting a contract with a F1 team. Some of the F1 teams sell their old cars and some of those end up in enterprises which rent them. The prices I have seen are around 900 euros for a 1-day stage. These stages usually include laps in a F3 to learn the track and show to the owners of the F1 that the client has the minimum of talent necessary to drive the F1, followed by a few laps in the F1. Some options:

Yet another possibility is to actually buy a F1 car. They sometimes appear in auctions, etc... I have seen once a price and it was not too expensive (about 50K euros, IIRC, but this might be an unusually low price) for a not very recent, and from a back of the grid team. Of course, the running costs are probably quite high. In Britain there are a number of enterprises specializing in keeping those cars running, so parts, etc.. are not usually a problem except for your wallet. If you go to the paddock of a BOSS race you can probably meet people who's business is (also) trading in used F1 cars (ex-F1 cars are raced in the BOSS series). (I am told Roger Cowman is a big dealer of racing parts/cars in the UK.)

These F1s are not only Arrows, Tyrrells, etc... There was a person in selling an ex-Prost Ferrari (1991). The price is a lot higher than what I wrote above (US$ 725,000 currently).
This car has now be sold (Sep, 3rd, 1999) by US$ 895,000. ex costs ex spares.

In August 1999, Pierre Landereau was selling two Ligier F1s (ads in Auto-Hebdo). The cars are one Ligier JS 33 (1989) and one JS 33 BT (1990). Both cars are in running condition with revised engines (probably Cosworth, since that is was they used in those seasons), and spare parts might be obtained.
The contact given is a French phone number (+33 6 08 30 92 30). The ad doesn't mention the price asked.