First, if you want to check the various point systems used during F1 history, see this link.

The tables on this page shows what would be the championship situation if the following proposal had been accepted: Criteria is the number of wins of each driver. In case of a tie, the number of second places and so on, until 6th place finishes. This is the system used now in F1 to resolve ties (it was never necessary for deciding the champion).

Results after: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, races.

Back in 1982 Keke Rosberg was champion with only one win late in the season. At the time some persons were a little worried that we would have the first ever winningless champion (if you think about it, it is a contradiction in terms, although NASCAR, for instance, uses a point system that makes that very possible). Also in 1987, Piquet was champion with half the victories of Mansell which reinforced the idea.

So at that time the system described above was suggested. It was not accepted, but the current system tries to incentive drivers to try to win instead of being satisfied of being 2nd and that is the reason a win went from 9 to 10 points. This compensates somewhat the fact that now all results count.

BTW, more than to try to make a fair system, the rules try to influence the behaviour/strategy of the drivers/teams. That is why the above is not really the probable situation if the rules were changed. Probably the results of the races would have been different since some drivers would have have taken more risks for a win.

BTW2, I got the idea of making these tables last year when someone else was calculating the championship positions if F1 used CART rules. My point is not advocating this system, I just thought it would be interesting to compare the results.

BTW3, the field name "tt" is for the real points of each driver. When 2 drivers have the same number of points, the other system resolves the tie. Other abreviations used are "Pos" for championship position and "Dri" for the driver number.
Starting with race 9 I included a last field "pos" with the positions in the real championship.

BTW4, I also included a table with a "qualifying championship", using both systems. Years ago there was a trophy for the driver with most pole positions (I think it was a scooter offered by a scooter manufacturer).