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From: "R. Burgos" 
Subject: NEW MZ-M Complete Info!
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Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 11:00:51 PDT

I got the fax!  The following is a transcription.  You better print out 
this because its a long one.


We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new manual-focus 35 mm 
SLR camera - the Pentax MZ-M,  Like its sister models in the popular MZ 
series, it offers super compact dimensions and a straightforward dial 
control system.  It also incorporates an aray of creative and user 
friendly features, including multi-mode exposures system, an advanced 
light metering system and a 1/2000 second high speed shutter.  As a 
result, this new model is the ideal starter camera for SLR novices who 
wish to learn the basic skills as well as fun and creativity for 35mm 
photography in a simple, easy way.
Major Features (MZ-M):  (this ones I shortened a little)

1  Compact lightweight body:  135mm wide, 90.5mm high and 55mm deep.  
weight 305 grams (10.8 oz). (4 oz less than the ZX50!)

2  Multimode exposure system: Four modes - Deph oriented aperture 
priority AE, Action oriented shutter priority, Manual control plus 
Programm AE.  Setting via aperture ring on lens and speed dial on body.

3.  Multi pattern metering. 2 segments (center and peripheral)

4.  Easy film handling.  Biult in winder auto to first frame.  Auto 
rewind.  Two fps.  Single and continuos mode.

5.  Electronic deph of field preview (Wow!)  It tells it works with 
aperture ring set to A.

6.  Memory lock:  By ML button, it holds it for 10 seconds.

7.  1/2000 top shutter speed.

8.  Electronic self timer.  12 secpnd delay.

9.  Manual ISO film speed setting.  From ISO 6 to ISO 6400 in 1/3 steps.  
DX is featured of course.

10.  LCD vewfinder display:  External LCD panel and viewfinder display 
offers complete data.  It features automatic iluminator (viewfinder 

11.  Compatibility with older Pentax lenses and accesories.  It tells 
that "most" existing lenses will work...  Autofocus not available... of 

12.  Focus screen:  Natural bright matte sreen (WOW!)

MZM- SPECIFICATIONS  (I'm passing the important ones only)

Type:		TTL auto exposure multimode 25 mm SLR

Lens mount:	Pentax KA2, compatible with KAF2, KAF, KA and K

Exposure:	TTL opern aperture 2 segment.
		1) 2 segment metering with FA, F and A lenses.
		2) Center weighted with other older lenses.
		3) EV1 to EV21 (at ISO100 w/f/1.4 lens)
		4) Modes:  Programmed AE, Aperture priority AE,
		Shutter priority AE, Full manual control. Bulb
		5) Auto exposure compensation in AE with FA or a lens.
		6) Memory lock with ML button. 10 seconds.
		7) Exposure compentation +-3EV in 1/2EV steps)

Shutter:	Vertical run.  Programed 1/2000 to 30 sec, stepless;
		Shutter or Aperture priority and metered manual
		 -1/2000 to 2 sec plus B and 1/100X

Flash sync:	1/100 sec.

Viewfinder:	Fixed molded penta mirror type
		Natural bright matte screen
		Split image with microprism
		0.77 mag with 50 /1.4 at infinity
		Diopter fixed at -1
		Preview:  Electronic type possible in all modes.

Viewfinder LCD:	Indication (with automatic brightness level adjustment.
		1) External flash status.  2) Shutter speed, aperture,
		Exposure compensation, and out of coupling range
		indicator. 3) Exp compensation factor.  4) Bar graph
		5) Over/under exp indication in metered manual.
		6) Memory lock indicatior.

Film transport:	Autowinder with first frame auto advance, auto rewind. 
		2 fps.  Single or continuos mode.

Thats it.

There is one page missing.  So far no word about finish (black or 
chrome), or battery type.  Considering weight, it probably has plastic 
lens mount.  Data back is available.

I'll stick to this guy and look for the missing page.  So far no 
pictures available.  (he is supposed to receive some promotional 
material any moment).  Pentax authorized dealers can place orders right 
now, for shipping by late October.  Suggested price:  Similar to P30T.  
Introduction models will be offered with the 35-80 A and a holster bag, 
as a kit.

Sorry for the typos... this is too exciting to even care for spelling.

Roberto Burgos
From the kitchen of Space Station MIR...  (Did you know caviar 
eventually rots after eleven years of no gravity... some of them 
actually hatched!)