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AMD Processor Pricing
Effective October 15, 2001

Prices below are subject to change without notice. This listing reflects pricing for direct AMD customers in 1000-unit tray quantities and, unless specified, represent the latest technology versions of the products.

AMD Athlon™ XP Processor Price
1800+ $252
1700+ $190
1600+ $160
1500+ $130
AMD Athlon™ MP Processor Price
1800+ $302
1600+ $210
1500+ $180
1.2GHz $175
1GHz $165
Mobile AMD Athlon™ 4 Processor Price
1.1GHz $425
1GHz $290
950MHz $260
900MHz $230
850MHz $195
AMD Athlon™ Processor for Desktop Price
1400MHz (266MHz Front-side Bus) $130
1400MHz (200MHz Front-side Bus) $130
1333MHz (266MHz Front-side Bus) $125
1300MHz (200MHz Front-side Bus) $125
1200MHz (266MHz Front-side Bus) $120
1200MHz (200MHz Front-side Bus) $120
1133MHz (266MHz Front-side Bus) $115
1100MHz (200MHz Front-side Bus) $115
1000MHz (266MHz Front-side Bus) $115
1000MHz (200MHz Front-side Bus) $115
Mobile AMD Duron™ Processor Price
900MHz $130
850MHz $100
800MHz $90
AMD Duron™ Processor for Desktop Price
1.1 GHz $103
1GHz $89
950MHz $74

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