1996 Portuguese Rally - Photos by Rui Salgueiro

In 1996 the Portuguese rally was not part of the WRC, so the field was very weak. In consequence I was not much motived to take pictures.

These pictures are the most interesting I took. Starting from the top right and going anti-clockwise (I made a mistake placing the pictures in the scanner and I never got to redone the scan) we have:

4 photos
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  1. Rui Madeira / Nuno Silva, 1995 World Champion in Groupe N and winner of the 1996 Portuguese rally. First on the road (number 1) at the time the picture was taken. Rui Madeira is now part of Subary's pay-for-drive team.

  2. Fernando Peres / Ricardo Caldeira, multiple Portuguese Rally champion. It helps that he is the only driver with a (more or less official) Groupe A (4WD) car here. The other official teams (Renault and Peugeot) are running F2 cars.

  3. Freddy Loix "Fast Freddy" / Sven Smeets. A raising star in the world of Rallys, he is now an official Toyota driver. He was the fastest driver in the 1996's Portuguese Rally, but he lost too many time when he had a punctured tyre in the 4th special stage.
    Later he said "It is a pity I punctured in the PEC 4, even more since I am sure I didn't touch anything." This picture is from that stage and you can see him touching the barrier.
    Loix did well in other 1996 rallys like Sanremo. Madeira complained that Griffone gave Loix better material than to himself.

  4. Ari Mokkonen / Voitto Silander. But in this picture the interesting bit are all the rocks that Freddy threw to the road.
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