Guides to the Portuguese Rally

  1. O Volante (17 de Março): this newspaper includes a guide with diagrams of the special stages and their accesses;
  2. (Portuguese) Autosport (17 de Março): this newspaper includes maps of the stages and access roads. These maps are part of the newspaper, not a separate guide, so this makes it less practical than the Volante;
  3. Official guide of the Rally: Expensive, good paper, big maps and the description of the stages accesses are bilingual (Portuguese/English).
  4. If the above newspapers are already sold out, there is another weekly newspaper that will be on sale Friday (Auto-Motor ?);
  5. Autosport's next edition will include a very practical mini-guide (but last year it lacked the description of the access roads. It had only the maps).
    But that edition will be on sale only Monday morning (7am at best, I suppose) and by that time most people will on the road (the first stage of the day begins at 6:48 am).
There may be others of which I am not aware.

Here is a map published by the Tourist office of the center zone of Portugal. This map doesn't have the stages in the North.
I have here 4 images of the map (different resolutions, different file sizes). The first one is barely usable.

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More maps in the official site. Follow the links to the special stages.

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