Guides to the Portuguese Rally

  1. (Portuguese) Autosport (16 de Março): If you can still find it when you arrive here, it has a 40 page suplement with a guide to the rally. It might be a bit too bulky to take to the stages, but is fairly complete, with maps and information on how to reach the stages.
  2. Official guide of the Rally. I have not yet seen it for sale this year. Last year it was expensive, printed in good paper, had big maps and the description of the stages accesses was bilingual (Portuguese/English).
  3. Thursday, 19th March, is the day the "Motor" newspaper appears. I suppose it will also have a guide to the rally. They seem to be more interested in rallyes than Autosport, so I hope it will be good (but this newspaper has been refounded recently and they seem to have less money).
  4. There are also one or two car weeklies which are on sale on Friday, and which I think don't usually sell out. One is called Auto-Motor. I don't know how good is their coverage of the rally.
  5. Monday, 23th March, the next issue of Autosport appears. Last year it had a mini-guide, very practical to take to the stages. A good choice if you only arrive in Portugal Sunday or Monday (but in that case print at least the pages about the morning stages from the official site).
    But that edition will be on sale only Monday morning (7am at best, I suppose) and by that time most people will on the road (the first stage of the day begins at 6:31 am).
There may be others of which I am not aware.

Maps in the official site. Follow the links to the special stages.

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