The Sixteen Workshop on Numerical Ranges and Numerical Radii (WONRA 2020)


June 14-17, 2020


Hotel Termas da Curia, Portugal





The purpose of the workshop is to stimulate research and foster interaction between researchers interested in the subject. The informal workshop atmosphere will facilitate the exchange of ideas from different scientific areas and, hopefully, the participants will be informed on the latest developments and new ideas. Background on the subject and on previous meetings may be found at the WONRA website, and also at the Wiki page for the history of the workshop and related meetings.

Related conference:

·         The 9th International Conference on Matrix Analysis and Applications (ICMAA 2020), University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal, June 18-20, 2020



·         International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS)

·         Compete (Programa operacional factores de competitividade)

·         CMUC - Centre for Mathematics, University of Coimbra

·         CEAFEL - Centre for Functional Analysis,  Linear Structures and Applications




Natália Bebiano (CMUC, University of Coimbra)

Chi-Kwong Li (College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA)

Susana Furtado (CEAFEL, University of Porto)

Ana Nata (CMUC, Polytechnic Institute of Tomar)



Hotel Termas Curia is a 14-hectare property, with beautiful and dense woods, crossed by wide avenues and paths, with an artificial lake with about 1 Km perimeter. Framed by the green landscapes of Curia Park, the hotel offers its customers unique relaxing experience and is devoted to health, wellness and spa. In the park, an island in the middle of the lake is connected to the banks by a circuit of typical bridges. A tennis court, a multipurpose field and a playground are available. The golf course of Curia is located at a distance of 800 meters.


Hotel Termas da Curia is in the center of Portugal, in the region of Bairrada. It is distant only 108 km from Porto and 230 km from Lisbon. See Google map for details.



Curia is a beautiful place with dominant features such as water, flowers and trees that fill parks and avenues. Located in the interior of Portugal, in the heart of the Bairrada wine region, and born as a result of the properties of its waters, discovered by the Romans during their occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, in Curia you can find the famous spa with the same name of the village.


Curia proposes you an awakening to the true senses of life:

·         go back in time to the nostalgic golden 20's and enjoy the "Belle Époque" and "Art Nouveu" architecture;

·         enjoy the gigantic trees, pure scented air, go for a walk in the beautiful gardens and leafy park of the Spa;

·         set for a walk through the picturesque vineyard paths.









Schedule and events




·     Each talk has 25 min + 5m for discussion.

·    Computer and projector are available; prepare a pdf file with USB memory.


Important dates


Abstract deadline

15 May, 2020


Abstract acceptance notification

22 May, 2020


Registration and further information




To register, please send an email to with name and affiliation.


To give a talk, submit an abstract to with subject CONTRIBUTED TALK – WONRA 2020 using the following template.

·         Abstract template.tex

·         For any additional information, please contact us.


Registration fee (covering welcome reception, admission to all sessions, conference material, coffee breaks and social program).


·         Non students:

·         100€ (Before April 30, 2020)

·         120€ (After April 30,2020)

·         Information about payment will be available soon.

·         Students – free for students that present a talk. A confirmation of student status is needed and has to be sent together with the abstract submission by email to




You must pay your registration fee using the University of Coimbra online platform, following this link. Select your type of registration fee, create an account and make the payment by PayPal (including credit and debit cards) or by bank transfer payment. To guarantee proper processing of your receipt, please verify that you have filled out all information as fully and correctly as possible in the respective fields on the payment information form.




Anadia, Centro Tamengos

3780-514 Coimbra

Ph.: +351 231 519 800

Coordinates: Latitude – N 40º25,68336; Longitude – W -8º27,73566


Depending on the type of rooms the following daily prices apply:

·         Single room basis: 72€

·         Double room basis: 107€


This prices include full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for one person, in single room occupancy, or two persons, in double room occupancy.


For information about the booking and payment please send an email to with subject WONRA 2020.


Useful links


Useful telephone numbers

-        Railways: +351 808 208 208

-        Tourism office in Curia: +351 231 512 248

-        Police: +351 239 827 766

-        SOS: 112 


List of participants








Social program


The social program consists of a dinner on Monday, June 14, at 20:00 p.m., in Restaurant Hotel Termas da Curia.



Will be available later.


Abstract Book


Will be available later.




Will be available later.


Previous Workshops


-        WONRA 2019 – Kawagoe, Japan

-        WONRA 2018 – Munich, Germany

-        WONRA 2016 – Taipei, Taiwan

-        WONRA 2014 Sanya, China

-        WONRA 2012 – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

-        WONRA 2010 – Krakow, Poland

-        WONRA 2008 – Williamsburg, VA, USA

-        WONRA 2006 – Bremen, Germany

-        WONRA 2004 – Coimbra, Portugal

-        WONRA 2002 – Auburn, AL, USA

-        WONRA 2000 Nafplio, Greece

-        WONRA 1998 – Madison, WI, USA

-        WONRA 1996 – Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

-        WONRA 1994 – Coimbra, Portugal

-        WONRA 1992 – Williamsburg, VA, USA


Travel Information


By train


      First part of the travel: take a train to Coimbra ('Coimbra B' railway station) on the main line (Lisboa - Porto).

·         From Lisbon Airport (LIS), 'Aeroporto da Portela' you can reach Coimbra by train from 'Oriente' railway station. From the airport you get the subway to 'Oriente' railway station (see information below), or go by taxi or bus.

·         From Porto Airport (OPO), 'Aeroporto Carneiro' you reach Coimbra by train from 'Porto - Campanhã' railway station. From the airport you get the subway to 'Porto - Campanhã' railway station (see information below) or go by taxi.


For times tables, prices and more information about:

·         subway station in Lisbon

·         Time table

·         Network Diagram

·         Take the Red Line starting at the airport ('Aeroporto' subway station) until 'Oriente' subway station (6 mins, 3 stops: 'Aeroporto' -> 'Encarnação' -> 'Moscavide'-> 'Oriente') Single ticket: 1.50€. Then walk (0.1 km, 2 mins) to 'Oriente' railway station (see information about railway station below).

·         subway station in Porto:

·         Time table

·         Network Diagram

·         Take the Line E starting at the airport ('Aeroporto' subway station) until 'Trindade' subway station (30 mins, 15 stops: 'Aeroporto' -> 'Botica' -> 'Verdes' -> 'Crestins' -> 'Esposade' -> 'Custóias' -> 'Fonte do Cuco' -> 'Senhora da Hora' -> 'Sete Bicas -> 'Via Rápida' -> 'Ramalde' -> 'Francos' -> 'Casa da Música' -> Carolina Michaelis' -> 'Lapa' -> 'Trindade'). Then take the Line A or Line B starting at the 'Trindade' subway station until 'Campanhã' subway station (5 mins, 4 stops: 'Trindade' -> 'Bolhão' -> 'Campo 24 Agosto' -> 'Heroísmo' -> 'Campanhã'). Important, buy single regular tickets with reference 'Andante Azul' and zone 'Z4' for this two subway travels (2€). Then walk (0.3 km, 3 mins) to 'Campanhã' railway station (see information about railway station below).

·         railway station (from Lisbon or Porto)

·         Time table

·         Types of trains

-        Alfa Pendular: almost direct without stops (fast).

-        Intercidades: only stops in major train stations

-        Interegional: fewer stops than the Regional train

-        Regional: with stops in almost every station (slow)


      Second part of the travel: from Coimbra take train until Curia railway station:


·         Time table

·         Types of trains:

·         Regional (30 mins, 2.65€) – only one train (recommended)

·         Intercidades + Reginal (49 mins, 13.65€) – two trains (not recommended)

·         Address: Largo da Estação, 3780-545, Curia

·         Coordinates: 40.4245907|-8.4564271


By Car


·         From Oporto: take exit No. 14 of the A1 motor-way towards Cantanhede / Mealhada to take the route via N234 (Distance: 96,2 Km).

·         From Lisbon:  take exit No. 14 of the A1 motor-way towards Cantanhede / Mealhada to take the route via N234 (Distance: 228 Km).


See you in Curia next June!


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