Symplectic Geometry


Symplectic linear algebra. Symplectic manifolds. Symplectomorphisms. Lagrangian submanifolds. Theorems of Darboux and Weinstein (lagrangian neighborhood). Hamiltonian vector fields. Brief introduction to Poisson manifolds. Hamiltonian actions and moment map. Noether Theorem. Equivariance of the moment map and coadjoint orbits. Convexity Theorem. Symplectic reduction. Additional topics: Almost complex structures. Kähler manifolds. Contact manifolds. Lie algebroids and Poisson geometry. Toric symplectic manifolds.

Research and Events


  • PhD Defense
    Fernando Lucatelli Nunes - Pseudomonads and Descent
    10:00 - Sala dos Capelos, Univ. Coimbra
    January 24, 2018
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Defended Theses

  • Descent theory of (T,V)-categories: global-descent and étale-descent
      Pier Giorgio Basile (September 2017)
      Maria Manuel Clementino
  • Representations of generalized quivers
      Artur Duarte Ferreira de Araújo (June 2017)
      Peter Gothen
  • On semisimple Hopf actions
      Deividi Ricardo Pansera (June 2017)
      Christian Edgar Lomp
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