Defended Theses

Theses in Preparation

  • Mapping invariance-type results in the category of locales
      Mahmoud Manafi
      Jorge Picado
  • Numerical methods for Maxwell's equations and their applications to propagation of electromagnetic waves.
      Sara Joana Fino dos Santos Rodrigues de Carvalho
      José Augusto Ferreira
  • Statistical properties of non-uniformly hyperbolic multidimensional diffeomorphisms
      David Boaventura Mesquita
      José Ferreira Alves
  • Extremal behaviour of chaotic dynamics
      Jorge Fernando Valentim Soares
      Jorge Milhazes de Freitas
  • Stimuli responsive polymers: mathematical analysis, numerical simulation and medical applications
      Maria Elisa Barbosa Silveira
      José Augusto Ferreira
      Paula de Oliveira
  • A semidefinite approach to algebraic optimization
      Mina Saee Bostanabad
      João Eduardo da Silveira Gouveia
  • Hilbert class fields of cyclotomic extensions and Fermat-type Diophantine equations
      Peter Lombaers
      António José de Oliveira Machiavelo
  • Generalised enriched categories: exponentiation and injectivity
      Willian Ribeiro Valencia da Silva
      Maria Manuel Clementino
  • Factorization in non-commutative rings
      Nikolaos Tsopanidis
      António José de Oliveira Machiavelo
  • On lax orthogonal factorisation systems
      Leonardo Larizza
      Maria Manuel Clementino
  • Anomalous diffusion with reaction and memory
      Carla Filipa Bessa Morgado de Jesus
      Ercília Sousa
  • Parametrization of anisotropic filters in medical imaging
      Diogo de Castro Lobo
      Sílvia Barbeiro
  • A combinatorial approach to Lascoux’s non-symmetric version of a Littlewood Identity in type C
      João Miguel Magalhães Santos
      Olga Azenhas
  • Smoothing and Interpolation on the Essential Manifold
      Maria de Fátima Alves de Pina
      Fátima Silva Leite
  • Completeness for solutions of the n-body problem and for geodesics on Lorentzian manifolds
      Ahmed Elshafei
      Helena Reis
  • TBA
      Ali Moghanni Dehkharghani
      Marta Pascoal
  • Non-standard ranks of matrices
      António Pedro Neves Goucha
      João Eduardo da Silveira Gouveia
  • Coupling hyperbolic and parabolic IBVP: applications to drug delivery
      Daniela Sofia Domingues Jordão
      José Augusto Ferreira
  • On some problems in the theory of orthogonal polynomials
      Dieudonne Mbouna
      José Carlos Petronilho
  • A new squeezed curvature method from Hessian-vector products for Nonlinear Optimization and Deep Learning
      Lili Song
      Luis Nunes Vicente
      João Gouveia
  • Estimation of geometric or topological features of a set
      Nuno Amaral Picado
      Paulo Eduardo Oliveira
  • Feller processes, generalized convolution operators, and integral transforms
      Rúben Azevedo de Sousa
      Semyon Yakubovich
      Manuel Guerra (Univ. Lisboa)

Research and Events


  • Truncated boolean representable simplicial complexes
    Pedro V. Silva (UP)
    14:30, Room 2.5, UC Math. Dept.
    December 12, 2018
  • Superalgebras with superinvolution
    Herlisvaldo Costa Santos (student)
    14:00, Room 2.5, UC Math. Dept.
    December 12, 2018
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