Mathematical Olympiads

CMUC members have pioneered Portuguese Math Olympiads (OPM), beginning in the country’s Central Region in 1980, in the framework of the activities of the Portuguese Mathematical Society (SPM) and as SPM members. This is an enormous amount of cooperative work with schools involving many thousands of students each year. CMUC has always been responsible by the scientific coordination of the OPM. Some of us are also active in the organization and in the problem committees of several international Olympiads (besides the IMO): Ibero-American Olympiad, Olimpíadas Paulistas (with Brazil), Lusophone Olympiads. CMUC members were heavily present in the organization of the First Lusophone Olympiad, 2011, in Coimbra (6 countries, c. 60 participants), and the Ibero-American Olympiad in Coimbra 2007 (23 countries, c. 200 participants).

We have also been spotting and training gifted young high school students for international Math Olympiads, in the last 20 years, with remarkable success.


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