Planets Window



    Beside the Coordinates and Apparent Movement groups (seer Moon) here you can find two more groups regarding to mean values for each planet and some miscellaneous data..


    To know the results, the user must first select the desire planet, using the listbox in the top right of the window (by choosing a planet, beside the calculations, you will see his photo).


    • Mean Values:


    In this group you can see mean values for the planet density, gravit and mass. This values are constants you cannot use this values for calculations, this values are only for the user have a vision for each planet.


    The planet mass it's given regardind to the mass of the Earth (Me) and to the mass of the Sun (Ms).


    • Planet general Data:


    This group are made of the general data for the planet (in that moment). The results are they Distance to the Earth and to the Sun in astronomical units, the Apparent Diameter (and semidiameter) of the planet, the Horizontal Parallax, the Illuminated Fraction of the Disk and the Apparent Magnitude.