Digitized Videos of R/C Planes

All the files are in the "QuickTime" (.mov) format, in "MPEG" (.mpeg) format, or in AVI (.avi) format, and compressed by gzip ("gz").

Torque-Roll by Quique in Brazil
Torque-Roll, (.avi, 0.7Mb)
Sukhoi Airplane (actual plane)
Sukhoi SU-27, (1.4Mb)
Some videos by Fred Herrmann.
1995 RCRC Big Bird Fly In, (bigbird.avi.gz, 2Mb).
Bird's Eye, The plane prespective (birdseye.avi.gz, 4Mb).
Digitizations made by Matthew Sargent.
Flight (mov.gz, 2.9Mb) - Digitization of a video made by Fred Herrmann. The first scene is from a ground based camcorder showing an RC aircraft taking off in the distance. The aircraft taking off is carrying a video down-link and the remainder of the movie is what was seen by the camera mounted on the aircraft. The movie is jerky at times because the frames where the video downlink started to fade out have been removed. In the last series of frames you can see a car driving up to the the pit area. The film ends on approach and it appears that the aircraft crashes, but it made a safe landing.
Take off (mov.gz, 0.5Mb) - Just the first few seconds of the "Flight" movie.
Smoke (mov.gz, 1.8Mb) - A digitization of a ground based video recorded at a flying field in Hampton, VA USA. A Spacewalker with smoke is doing some loops and turns.

In MPEG format.

About MPEG files and Mpeg Video|Audio Players .

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