These are books which were mentioned in a long thread in

The links are mostly to, because I like their web page. If you are looking for prices, etc... you might want to check other bookshops.

  • The Technique of Motor Racing by Piero Taruffi
    $17.50 (24 hours)* - 14.68 (1-2 weeks) - barnesandnoble $25.00 !

  • The Formula 1 Turbo Era by Alan Henry
    10.39 (2-3 days)* preface by Peter Lovering - $19.96 (24 hours) preface by Nigel Macknight -

  • Can-Am by Pete Lyons, Peter Lyons
    $27.97 (24 hours) - 21.11 (24 hours) - $27.96 barnesandnoble (24 hours)

  • Inside Racing Technology : Discussions of Racing Technical Topics by Paul Haney, Jeff Braun (Contributor)
    $19.96 (24 hours) - 14.11 (1-2 weeks) - 13.76 bookshop UK (14 days)

  • American Grand Prix Racing; A Century of Drivers and Cars by Tim Considine
    $11.98 (24 hours) - 21.77 (1-2 weeks)

    7.19 Racers by Richard Williams link (2-3 days).

    15.19 Strictly Off the Record by Louis Stanley link (24 hours)
    $24.47 US (24 hours).

    $17.47 Bruce McLaren - The Man and his Racing Team' by Eoin Young link (2-3 days)
    13.82 UK (1-2 weeks).

    14.39 "It Beats Working : My 35 Years Inside Motorsport Racing" by Eoin S. Young link (2-3 days)
    $39.95 US (4-6 weeks).

    15.95 McLaren - The Grand Prix, Can-Am and Indy cars' by Doug Nye link (4-6 weeks)

    17.99 Gilles Villeneuve by Gerald Donaldson link (2-3 days)
    $24.47 US (24 hours).
    I have read this one and I liked it well. (rps)

    5.59 James Hunt : The Biography by Gerald Donaldson link (2-3 days)
    In Pete Fenelon's opinion the above two books are "Two of the best driver biographies of recent(ish) drivers". "Both get into the minds of the drivers (unlike the usual Christopher Hilton potboiler)."

    55.00! Mon Ami Mate by Chris Nixon link (4-6 weeks)

    19.99 Jim Clark: a Tribute to a Champion by Eric Dymock link (2-3 days)

    7.95 Rosemeyer! by Chris Nixon link (4-6 weeks)
    "The best driver bios I've come across are Chris Nixon's "Mon Ami Mate" (Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn), Eric Dymock's "Jim Clark", and Nixon again with "Rosemeyer, A New Biography" (co-authored with Elly Rosemeyer and really a biography of an extraordinary couple)."

    19.95 All Arms and Elbows by Innes Ireland, Jack Brabham link (4-6 weeks)
    "is by turns uproarious, moving and terrifying" (Pete Fenelon).

    Books out of print. (If you are interested in one of these books, you should recheck, since it is possible that some of these have been reprinted between the time I wrote the above (Sep. 1999) and the time you read it.)