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University of Coimbra, Portugal


The 38th Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications will take place at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, on July 8-12, 2024.

Earlier installments of the SUMTOPO conferences were held at Youngstown, OH (2023), Vienna, Austria (2022), Johannesburg, South Africa (2019), Bowling Green, KY (2018), Dayton, OH (2017), Leicester, UK (2016), Galway, Ireland (2015), New York City, NY (2014), Nipissing, Canada (2013), and Mankato, MN (2012).

The scientific programme will have 7 invited plenary speakers and 6 invited semi-plenary speakers, distributed by six special sessions, and slots for contributed talks:

  • Plenary talks: 1 hour long (including 10 mins for discussion).
  • Semi-plenary talks: 45 mins (including 5 mins for discussion).
  • Contributed talks: 30 mins (including 5 mins for discussion).
Contributions on all aspects of topology, pure and applied, are welcome.

The social programme includes:

  • Welcome Reception: Sunday evening (the 7th of July), in the Cafetaria do Museu.
  • Excursion: Wednesday afternoon (the 10th of July).
  • Conference Dinner: Thursday evening (the 11th of July).

Update: Registration is now open.

News: The Topology, Algebra and Categories in Logic 2024 Conference will take place in Barcelona (Spain) in the previous week (1-5 July 2024). We hope that many of you see this as an excellent opportunity to attend both conferences.

BEWARE of the phishing email, no other external company is involved in conference organization or accommodation booking.

News: The 22nd Galway Topology Colloquium will take place at the University of Galway, Ireland on June 4th - 5th, 2024.


Invited Speakers

Guram Bezhanishvili (New Mexico State Univ., Las Cruces, USA)
Talk: TBA

José Bonet (Polytechnical Univ. Valencia, Spain)
Talk: Ergodic theory for operators and applications to generalized Cesàro operators

Maria Pires de Carvalho (Univ. Porto, Portugal)
Talk: TBA

Rafael Dahmen (Karlsruhe Inst. Technology, Germany)
Talk: TBA

Osvaldo Guzman (UNAM, Morelia, Mexico)
Talk: TBA

Dominik Kwietniak (Jagiellonian Univ., Krakow, Poland)
Talk: TBA

Michael Pinsker (Technische Univ. Wien, Austria)
Talk: TBA

Luca Reggio (Univ. College London, UK)
Talk: TBA

Lajos Soukup (Alfréd Rényi Inst. Mathematics, Budapest, Hungary)
Talk: TBA

Walter Tholen (York Univ., Toronto, Canada)
Talk: TBA

Yvon Verberne (Univ. Western Ontario, London, Canada)
Talk: TBA

Joanne Walters-Wayland (Chapman Univ., Orange, USA)
Talk: TBA

Dexue Zhang (Sichuan Univ., China)
Talk: TBA

Special Sessions

  • Set-theoretic Topology (Organizers: Alan Dow and Klaus Pieter Hart)
  • Topological Methods in Algebra and Analysis (Organizers: Salvador Hernandez and Gabor Lukacs)
  • Topological Dynamics and Continuum Theory (Organizers: Piotr Oprocha and Udayan Darji)
  • Topology and Categories (Organizers: Maria Manuel Clementino and Mark Sioen)
  • Topology in Logic and Computer Science (Organizers: Mai Gehrke and Célia Borlido)
  • Topology and Order (Organizers: Jorge Picado and Themba Dube)

Scientific Committee

  • Will Brian (USA)
  • Maria Manuel Clementino (Portugal)
  • Alan Dow (USA)
  • Mai Gehrke (France)
  • Salvador Hernandez (Spain)
  • Michael Hrusak (Mexico)
  • Jorge Picado (Portugal)
  • Lynne Yengulalp (USA)

Organizing Committee

  • Raquel Bernardes (Coimbra)
  • Célia Borlido (Coimbra)
  • Maria Manuel Clementino (Coimbra), co-chair
  • Maria João Ferreira (Coimbra)
  • Gonçalo Gutierres (Coimbra)
  • Dirk Hofmann (Aveiro)
  • Graham Manuell (Coimbra)
  • Jorge Picado (Coimbra), co-chair
  • Sandra Pinto (Coimbra)
  • Lurdes Sousa (Viseu)

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