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  School and Workshop on Oceanography, Lakes and Rivers
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Mathematics has always played a fundamental role in the study of ocean and river dynamics, even though these research topics still are, perhaps, more familiar to oceanographers, geophysicists and environmental engineers than to mathematicians.

Phenomena such as internal and surface waves, tides and ocean currents, turbulence, salinity and temperature changes, and dispersion of contaminants are all best described by mathematical models that extend over a vast range of temporal and spatial scales and have to take into account the influence of rotation, of stratification and of coastal and bottom effects.
This event brings together top scientists working on different frontiers of Oceanography, aims at strengthening the interactions between mathematicians and geophysicists, and is directed both at researchers and post-graduate students working in related areas of mathematics, physics and engineering.

MainInvited SpeakersProgramLocationRegistrationSupportOrganizationContacts

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