Hyperbolic Dynamics


- Dynamical Systems: Vector fields; Differential equations; Local flow; Discretisation; Difference equations; Suspension.
- Invariant sets; Limit sets; Transitivity; Structural stability.
- Local behaviour: Local stability; Invariant manifolds; Homoclinic Points.
- Global dynamics: global invariant manifolds.
- Examples (some of these): Linear dynamics; Symbolic dynamics; Smale Horseshoe; Axiom A; Anosov diffeomorphisms; Kupka-Smale diffeomorphisms; Morse-Smale difeomorphisms.

Research and Events


  • Truncated boolean representable simplicial complexes
    Pedro V. Silva (UP)
    14:30, Room 2.5, UC Math. Dept.
    December 12, 2018
  • Superalgebras with superinvolution
    Herlisvaldo Costa Santos (student)
    14:00, Room 2.5, UC Math. Dept.
    December 12, 2018
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