• André Oliveira

  • Research Area

    Moduli spaces of bundles over algebraic curves

  • Institution

    University of Porto

  • PhD

    Institution: University of Porto
    Year: 2008

  • Main research publications

    • Topology of moduli spaces of free group representations in real reductive groups (with Ana Casimiro, Carlos Florentino, Sean Lawton) ", Forum Mathematicum 28 (2016)
    • Motives and the Hodge Conjecture for moduli spaces of pairs (with Vicente Muñoz, Jonathan Sánchez ) ", Asian Journal of Mathematics 19 (2015)
    • Connectedness of the moduli of Sp(2p,2q)-Higgs bundles (with Oscar García-Prada) ", Quarterly Journal of Mathematics 65 (2014)
    • The singular fiber of the Hitchin map (with Peter Gothen) ", International Mathematics Research Notices 2013 2013 (2013)
    • Representations of surface groups in the projective general linear group ", International Journal of Mathematics 22 (2011)
  • Adittional information

    My research centers in a mix of Algebraic Geometry, Differential Geometry and Algebraic Topology and their relationships with the equations of Mathematical Physics. More precisely, I am interested in the study of the geometry and topology of moduli spaces of (mainly Higgs-) bundles over curves. My arXiv personal area can be reached from here:

    Topics on current projects:

    • Study of connected components of the moduli space Higgs bundles for the groups SO(p,q), PSp(2n,R) and PSO*(2n).
    • Study of the topological mirror test for parabolic Higgs bundles of rank 2 with fixed determinant.
    • Study of the moduli space of the so-called skew-symmetric pairs.

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