• Maria Manuel Clementino

  • Research Area

    Categorical Methods in Algebra and Topology

  • Institution

    University of Coimbra

  • PhD

    Institution: University of Coimbra
    Year: 1992

  • Main research publications

    • Lawvere completeness in topology (with Dirk Hofmann) ", Applied Categ. Struct. 17 (2009)
    • Topological semi-abelian algebras (with Francis Borceux) ", Advances in Mathematics 190 (2005)
    • Metric, Topology and Multicategory - A Common Approach (with Walter Tholen) ", Journal Pure Appl. Algebra 179 (2003)
    • Triquotient maps via ultrafilter convergence (with Dirk Hofmann) ", Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 130 (2002)
    • Topology in a Category: Compactness (with Eraldo Giuli, Walter Tholen) ", Portugaliae Mathematica 53 (1996)
  • PhD Students

    • ongoing
    • ongoing
    • Directions for the Long Cohomology Sequence 2005
    • The Axiom of Countable Choice in Topology 2004
  • Adittional information

    [2012- ] Principal Investigator of the Project Categorical Methods in Non-Abelian Algebra, FCT
    [2011- ] Director of CMUC, the Centre for Mathematics of the University of Coimbra
    [2007- ] Principal Investigator of the Group of Algebra, Logic and Topology, CMUC
    [2007- ] Member of the Steering Committee on Category Theory
    [2005-09] Associate Dean, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra
    [2001- ] Member of the Editorial Board of Applied Categorical Structures, Springer

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Defended Theses

  • Statistical instability in chaotic dynamics
      Muhammad Ali Khan (March 2018)
      José Ferreira Alves
  • Profinite topologies on the free group
      Khadijeh Alibabaei (March 2018)
      Jorge Almeida
  •   Rui Manuel Tavares Pinto de Sá Pereira (January 2018)
      Evelina Shamarova
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