• Paula de Oliveira

  • Research Area

    Numerical Analysis of PDEs

  • Institution

    University of Coimbra

  • PhD

    Institution: Coimbra
    Year: 1982

  • Main research publications

    • A 3D model for mechanistic control drug release (with J.A. Ferreira, M. Grassi, E. Gudiño) ", SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (2014)
    • Numerical Simulation of Aquous Humour Flow: From healthy to pathologic situations (with J.A. Ferreira, P. Silva, J. Murta) ", Applied Mathematics and Computation 226 (2014)
    • A second order approximation for quasilinear non fickian diffusion models (with J.A. Ferreira, E. Gudiño) ", Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics 13 (2013)
    • Reaction-diffusion in viscoelastic materials (with J.A. Ferreira, P. Silva) ", Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 236 (2012)
    • Numerical methods for the generalized Fisher-Kolmogorov-Petrovskii-Piskunov equation (with J.R. Branco, J.A. Ferreira) ", Applied Numerical Mathematics 57 (2007)
  • PhD Students

    • Recent developments in non-Fickian diffusion: a new look at viscoelastic materials co-supervision with José Augusto Ferreira, 2014
    • Analytics and Numerics of Controlled Drug Delivery co-supervision with José Augusto Ferreira, 2010
    • co-supervision with José Augusto Ferreira, ongoing
    • co-supervision with José Augusto Ferreira, ongoing
    • Numerical Aspects of the Hyperbolic or Quasi-Hyperbolic Behaviour of Reaction Transport equations 2000
    • Adaptive Methods for Parabolic Problems co-supervision with Rolf Grigorieff, 1994

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